Terms & Conditions

  1. Participants must be 13 years of age or above to participate in the contest.

  2. This contest is only open to Malaysian residents, and Malaysia PRs, excluding OPPO Electronics Sdn Bhd. ("OESB") employees.

  3. Only 24 random prize winners will walk away with the prizes. Winners will be informed through message, email or phone call for the prize redemption at OPPO Malaysia Headquarter.

  4. Prize: TWENTY (20) movie tickets, FIVE (5) iLike LE903 Bluetooth Headset and TWO (2) sets of Now 2 Smartband.

  5. Multiple or duplicate entries are allowed. All the hashtags must be included to enable OPPO's employees to look the posts. Contest will start from 5th January 4:00:00 PM until 6th January 2017 23:59:59 PM.

  6. Like us on Facebook @OPPO Malaysia and follow our Instagram account @OPPOMalaysia to get alerts when we announce the winners.

  7. To redeem the prizes, the winner must present his/her identification card number or passport bearing the name and number corresponding to the information given/user handle used in the contest submission. The prize release will be announceD by OPPO once the prize reaches Malaysia. OESB may - at its sole and absolute discretion - declare any entry void if the winner fails to produce such proper identification documents.

  8. OESB is not responsible for any loss, late, incomplete, misdirected, delayed, or undelivered entries, including entries that are not received on time due to telephone failures, Internet failures and disruptions, and ISP problems. Incomplete information may result in disqualification of the entry. By providing your email address, you grant OESB, the right to send you commercial messages, in compliance with the Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act 2010 ("PDPA").

  9. Winner's name, pictures and prizes may be used for publicity reasons by OESB. Winner's information may be used for marketing, planning, promotions, research, events and/or any other purposes and programs henceforth. Acceptance of the prize is considered as consent to this usage.

  10. OESB reserves the right at any time to replace any participant and/or winner subsequently found to be disqualified for any reason.

  11. OESB reserves its rights to determine the outcome and act as it deems fit in any dispute(s).